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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ava's 2nd Birthday Party - Daniel Tiger

Ava was very into Daniel Tiger around the time of her 2nd birthday. She still likes DT, but has now has an obsession with Disney Princesses that overshadows the little tiger. Ava was still a little young to ask for a birthday party theme, so I chose Daniel Tiger for her.  I was able to find some cute, free printables and party ideas on the PBS Kids website. The bright colors that represent each DT character made it easy to find decorations consistent with the theme.

I used bright tissue paper to make tissue paper poufs and hung them with fishing line from tiny, clear 3M command hooks on the ceiling.  I kept the monthly picture banner from her 1st birthday and added the monthly pictures I took from 13 - 23 months, so every month of her first 2 years was represented above the dessert table.

Yellow boxed cake cupcakes with Easy Vanilla Buttercream and round candy sprinkles:

Pretzel rods dipped in melted orange candy melts (actually found these in the fall- pumpkin spice flavor!) with melted bittersweet chocolate drizzled on top for tiger stripes:

Tiny version of my grandma's butter cookies

I was really nervous about the cake, but I think it turned out really cute. Just a round, single-layer 9-inch boxed yellow cake covered with tinted Easy Vanilla Buttercream:

The trolley and penner banners on top were projects on the PBS Kids website. They provided instructions and free printables to complete:

Ava loved playing with her tiger balloons the day after the party!


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